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Oct. 21st, 2011

petyr eyebrows

Shameless spam!

Recently, I got a kind request asking the permission of using my asoiaf themed icons. I do make graphics and icons, but I never thought them worthy to be shared outside westerosorting, which is where I post them because they earn points for Lannister (roar); however, this request made me so happy that I decided to crosspost them here, in case anyone was interested! I have no rules except that it's nice to be credited :P

 First bunch!

+ Daenerys Targaryen
if I look back, I'm lostCollapse )
+ Jorah Mormont
you are my queenCollapse )
+ Eddard Stark
winter is comingCollapse )
x posted @ valyrian_forged

Oct. 1st, 2011

keep calm and wait for the crème

Just one thing.


I'm spamming you with Christoph Waltz because that's the way I party.

Sep. 24th, 2011

mélanie smoking

I officially love Amanda Palmer

My friend has problems with winter and autumn
They give him prescriptions, they shine bright lights on him
They say it's genetic, they say he can't help it
They say you can catch it, but sometimes you're born with it

My friend has spite, he gets shakes in the night
And they say that there's no way that they could have
Caught it in time takes his toll on him
It is traditional, it is inherited, predispositional
All day I've been wondering what is inside of me
Who can I blame for it? I say it runs in the family

This family that carries me to such great lengths
To open my legs up to anyone who'll have me
It runs in the family, I come by it honestly
Do what you want 'cause 
who knows it might fill me up

My friend's depressed, she's a wreck, she's a mess
They've done all sorts of tests and they guess
It has something to do with her grandmother's
Grandfather's saving war soldiers
Who badly infected her

My friend has maladies, rickets, and allergies
That she dates back to the 17th century
Somehow she manages in her misery
Strips in the city and shares all her best tricks with
me, well i'm well. well, i mean i'm in hell. 
well, i still have my health, 
at least that's what they tell me.
If wellness is this, what in Hell's name is sickness?
But business is business and business runs in the family

We tend to bruise easily, bad in the blood.
I'm telling you 'cause I just want you to know me
Know me and my family, we're wonderful folks
But don't get to close to me 'cause you might knock me up

Mary, have mercy, now look what I've done
But don't blame me because I can't help where I come from
running is something that we've always done well
And mostly I can't even tell what I'm running from

Run from their pity, from responsibility
Run from the country and run from the city
I can run from the law, I can run from myself
I can run from my life, I can run into debt
I can run from it all, I can run 'til I'm gone
I can run for the office and run for my cause
I can run using every last ounce of energy
I cannot, I cannot, I cannot run from my family

They're hiding inside of me, corpses on ice
Come in if you like but just don't tell my family
They'd never forgive me, they'd say that I'm crazy
But they would say anything if it would shut me up


Sep. 10th, 2011

spectacular spectacular

watched In Bruges

movie, y u so perfect.

(sometimes I post randomly like this)

(I want to do a friending meme! o.o)

Sep. 8th, 2011

mélanie smoking

Enough of symbolism and these escapist themes of purity and innocence.

Guido: Could you walk out on everything and start all over again? Could you choose one single thing, and be faithful to it? Could you make it the one thing that gives your life meaning... just because you believe in it? Could you do that?
Claudia: I don't know... could you?
Guido: No, the character I'm thinking of couldn't. He wants to possess and devour everything. He can't pass anything up. He's afraid he'll miss something. He's drained.
Claudia: That's how the film ends?
Guido: No, that's how it begins.

Jan. 26th, 2011

mélanie smoking

(no subject)

 I know nobody cares, but I'm so happy right now that we don't have a tv here. I think I wouldn't stand the whole Ruby-gate, which is already making me sick for various reasons. For the Italians, I'll post this, just because the BBC isn't the only one making fun of it.

Jan. 9th, 2011

mélanie smoking


My next test will be a written one, finally, about Italian literature (first part). It's a bit strange because despite being sure that I'm missing something, I basically feel like re-reading what I studied in high school, and I don't know if this will be more difficult or not. I must admit my teacher at the time did a good job.
But it's written so YAY! Definitely better than the average exam. At least the panic factor.

Also, I love la Commedia so much. I find myself reading it out loud, and I have no particular preparation for delivering hendecasyllables (actually I don't even recognize hexameters, I suck at reading meters), but I don't care. XD I remember when I used to do that in class, with my friend - M - or A. We would start declaming suddenly, something, with no reason, like Carthago delenda est, and there was that time when I fell in love with Pro Caelio, and A surely remembers it, because I swore that Cicero's prose was erotic, and I would gladly offer my body to someone capable of reading it with passion (or was it Cicero's ghost I was offering it? Oh, when you're promiscuous). Verum haec genera virtutum non solum in moribus nostris, sed vix iam in libris reperiuntur!

Oh, Halcyon days.

Jan. 3rd, 2011

mélanie smoking

bad news

I said I'd try to keep track of my reading, since you guys are such a bunch of voracious and interested readers. *_* So, my first book recension in English! XD
And the winner is... Water for Elephants.

Bad book.
Go to the corner!
We all know that I only read it because of the movie starring Christoph Waltz (and therefore only cared for August's character) but that book really is a disappointment. What's the point? A triangle between three characters, none of which has a decent characterization?

Being a first person narrative, you just can't stand the main character; it happens a lot, imho, that authors think they don't need to give a personality to a character when he's the narrator, because they think it easier to make the reader identify with him. The love interest has no depth at all, but they're above the Twilight level because at least there's a tender and lovely connection (bleh) due to the fact they both love animals. Okay. The husband, instead, is apparently a schizophrenic, both charming and violent with animals and human beings, but also capable of passion and kindness. Which makes him the most interesting character, in my book. BUT no development whatsoever is given, a part from the obvious happy ending.

The life in an American circus in the 30s should provide an interesting setting, but the author - who vehemently claims to have done a lot of research - gives little information, in my opinion, to make it look realistic, and since no minor character has any important role/original characterization, the final result is quite boring. (I probably was expecting too much, due to my recent experience with Carnivàle <3)

So I'm not happy.

Also, Stephen Fry just informed me that we lost Pete Postlethwaite. Damnit.  And he was very young. I'm so sad.

Jan. 1st, 2011

mélanie smoking

The time has come!

Happy new year, everyone! :D Let it be great and unique (especially because in 2012 we'll all be dead).

No dark humour would be uncharacteristic of me.

Love! :D

Dec. 25th, 2010

mélanie smoking


Or whatever you want. :D I'm not a Christian myself but just let this be a beautiful day for you and your families ^^
(Hopefully my postcards will arrive, sooner or later. ò.ò James, I'm so sorry but yours is taking longer because I planned on getting one in Venice and we currently have the seasonal tide peaks, so I'm totally NOT GOING TO VENICE right now. XD I will soon, however ^^)

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